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Arya Ajith

i had a good experience in IPSR. Good environmen and help to improve our technical knowledge.good teaching staffs.

Anaha Suresh

IPSR Providing a good platform for learning and updating technologies.i got best study environment

Abhirami A R

I had good experience in IPSR.Very good facilities,good teaching

Dominic Dylan

In IPSR giving good lab facility , very good teaching,through ipsr we can improve our technical knowledge

Jomon Joseph

Ipsr provides best in class faculty and infrastructure to the candidates and realy help raise the confidence.thank you verymuch for the wonderful support

Ashna Roby

Muziris softech - Software programmer

I had a very good experience at IPSR.faculties here are very helpful. I did training in android .Here they also provide training for aptitude and communication skill . i also attended seminars and webinars which were very helpful.

Sreelakshmi K Sunil

I came to IPSR through my cousin’s reference.I must say that this is the best option..good theory classes and providing effective lab. I Got best study environment .Giving motivation classes which is very useful.

Ajo Varghese

I had a good experience at IPSR, Had quite number of memorable days.And thank you for support

Sabarenatha Kartha

IPSR is an exciting place for techies aiming for a good path towards new technologies. it was able to meet my expectation.Being an experienced Unix tecnology expert, my requirements to have a teacher who can cop up with my pace was handled by the expert faculty.Sincere thanks to to all the IPSR Staffs for proper […]

Prem Oommen

My Experience at IPSR solution was very good. It was upto my expectation and i was able to learn what i was looking for and i thank ipsr for all the hepl provided.