Nirmal Dev Aravind

I heard IPSR was the frontrunner for Linux training in India but once I

enrolled for the classes I knew it was much more than that. Under Sanju Sir

who taught me the fine nuances of Linux (RHCSA+RHCE) within an incredibly

short span of 8 days, he not only took me through a wonderful journey of

Linux but instilled within me a craving for learning more which I did under

the guidance of Mr. Sreejith who requires no praise. The other staff who

didn’t tutor me directly like Mr. Hakeem and Mr.Mojan was always there with

the right answers. I don’t think I got words to thank Benila Ma’am and

Mendus Sir. They are ready to help at any point of the day just like they

arranged my stay at 10.00pm. They have pampered the students as much as

they could without compromising quality and standards. Thank you very much

IPSR, I will be back.