Mithun Krishna

“Hi ipsr,

Currently having completed my RHCE course at IPSR I was asked to write a review about the Institution .

Though I strongly believe that a review has to be collected in a anonymous way ( which is the most apt method for finding out the actual opinions ) , I suppose the demand from the institution for a open review has also to be upheld. Or maybe ipsr maybe expecting a testimonial from me. So anyways here is my reiview during my time at ipsr.

I had heard a good opinion about ipsr from my colleagues at HCL while I was working there. And while I returned to Kerala I decided I would do take a shot at redhat and ccna . being from the city of thrissur , I got to know that ipsr has an office up here in thrissur and while I had planned to do my ccna at a separate institution , looking at the cost factor I decided to join ipsr for rhce and ccna combined which later I realised ipsr thrissur wasn’t apt for ccna .

My experience at thrissur ipsr was of mixed opinions , of which the majority of it being positive .

Talking about the first impression , I was really happy to be at ipsr . the organizational profile of the institution and the oderly working of the institution gives it a superior edge over the other competing institutions like Vidya and Indiatimes.

Talking about the studying experience at ipsr , it was simply amazing . the faculties were quite knowledgeable about the field. They encouraged our doubts and were quite eager to explain in to us even if it took three or four times to explain. They were quite patient with us.

I would like to mention that IPSR has good infrastructure than many competing institutions. All the systems with excellent configuration and ready for current software scenario and future scenarios. The faculty we were provided with was the beast we could have got. Mr. Sreenath sir was our redhat faculty . and I feel we were lucky to learn redhat from him . it was not some textbook teaching . he didn’t require a textbook to learn . he was quite comfortable with redhat . and it was not though as if he wanted us to do textbook exercises . he would encourage us to experiment on our doubts . this made us comfortable with our linux OS which in turn helped us in gaining an edge in interviews . He was very patient and forgiving with us . instances of us being late for class were forgiven without any fuss provided we paid attention in class . he saw the greater good in us. Sreenath sir used to cancel his trips to home during holidays so he could hold classes for us and he even used to stay up late so that we would get an opportunity to practice during exam time . he made sure that there was no mistake on his part nor on the part of ipsr which could affect our performance in redhat examination. We really are grateful to him in an immense way.

I had gotten rhce+ccna special offer.
We were provided with Ms. Ashly Vincent as our ccna faculty. She too was quite patient with us. There were instances where I had to ask her a doubt thrice. But each time she took time and explained it to me and made sure I grasped tha concept by the time I left class . she was really committed to the program. And I am really grateful to her that.

Coming to the ccna program from the ipsr management , I was quite surprised as well as disappointed that ipsr had planned to conduct ccna class in 1.5 months instead of 3-4 months which is the usual ccna curriculum period in many organizations . I shudder to think what might be the teaching duration time for ccie in ipsr which needs a period of 12 months. I having been in a network field was able to grasp the points . what about freshers . because it was sheer hard work of ms ashly , otherwise with the 1 and half month program noone can pass ccna. But yea ipsr can say for wordsake that they taught ccna as offer.

Next was the Infrastructure , I understand laptop is a essential for IT people nowadays but having to bring it to study ccna is rather dissappinting . otherwise we had a single PC for 8 people . how were we expected to learn or do lab . and we had a single router and single switch for working on. Quite disappointing action from ipsr . while some centeres like ernakulam and kottayam have infrastructure , why is thrissur unit deprived of it. It would make sense if u wanted a wordsake ccna class . many institutions in thrissur offer 1 router each or one router to two people opportunity in class . even though that is not given at least u guys can do way better than that . a lack of white board in ccna class . I do realise redhat is ur baby but please don’t dump Cisco . because networking is a big player in today’s industry .

Last but not least I would like to thank the immense effort and harwork put on my the HR and administrative managers in maintaining the reputation of ipsr. Ms Treeza and Ms Poorna have really helped in giving the students right guidance and convince them about the course and helping them in getting a good placements . calling up students and reminding them to attend interviews . they have been really patient and gracious with us .

Apart from some minor improvements, ipsr is an amazing place to learn and prosper. I really am happy to be an alumi of ipsr . all the best ipsr


Mithun Krishna”