Kiran B Chand

“It is never too late to do what you love” said someone.  And if the journey is with IPSR, it’s just a cakewalk. The prime reason because of which I decided to pursue my dream to learn and build a career in computing was that I loved them from childhood. After 6 years of graduating in commerce, it was quite tough for me to make the shift to an entirely different arena. There was a lot of confusion, in the beginning. After having a little research based on my passion, I found that I should learn Linux, Networking and such stuff. Fortunately, the search ended at the name IPSR, the pioneers in Red Hat training and Professional Moulding. The learning curve at IPSR was excellent and took care of every aspects that one most focus to become a polished professional in his area of interest. Our instructors were highly skilled, that they know the nuances of linux operating system and networking. They offered their unlimited support and help, 24 x 7. In addition to the training, the most interesting part was the IT Finishing School activities. We were given various tasks that enhanced our knowledge and confidence for sure. Also, doing the aptitude tests given helped a lot in aptitude rounds. The mock tests and explanations given were priceless.

For someone who has a deep rooted passion in IT and do not know where to start, just walk into IPSR and they’ll make your dreams come true. A job in a growing MNC is a dream that came true through IPSR. The fame and recognition that IPSR gets in the companies like the one I work is because of it’s  non-compromising training methodology, cutting edge professionalism and commitment to students. Thank you team IPSR, the success is yours, the journey was worth it.