Joby John

A perfect learning place for a perfect course. The best coaches for some of the amazing subjects. The above clearly defines IPSR Solutions Ltd, Cochin. Coming from a place like Dubai to Cochin and studying in IPSR has given me a lot of memories to cherish and look back at. Studying RedHat Certified course has given me a clear insight into my future.IPSR provides with the best teachers and faculty and provides an amazing and friendly environment for students to come, learn and enjoy their subjects. Students do get a chance for a one on one session and clear all their doubts. A special mention to Mr. Nikhil has to be given, who has given his level best in teaching us and helping us understand our subject. His immense support and teaching skills are to appreciated. A perfect professional for a course like RedHat.IPSR Cochin is a 100% referable institute to others. A Big thanks to IPSR Cochin. (^_^)