Ahmed Al Abdali

I came to Kerala for study purpose exactly to IPSR institution as I was not knowing any thing about your institute but because one of my colleagues working with me, he is from Cochin recommended me for doing JAVA course in your institution because he used to study in your institution. However before I came I did my research about your institute then I start to mail you(Miss. Meera) and I found that this is the right institution I can join. I came to your institution then I meet Miss.Anu and the person who will be my trainer(Miss. Deepa), there was discussion about course period, price and course topics which going to be taken. I started my course on 3rd of October 2016 till 21 of October 2016, It was a very short course(three weeks) but it was a great learning experience especially since it consisted of hands on programming in class. The class notes and resources are particularly helpful and easy to follow. The application Java course provided me with the necessary knowledge of the subject, such that I can now continue learning on my work. Moreover, I am thanking the trainer Miss. Deepa for her cooperation and support in the course as she did her best to complete the course at the time. Also I don’t forget Miss. Anu(Administration Manager) for her helpful for many things inside/outside the institution. In addition, I have some comments might be going to develop your institution as following:1- Although the institute was 10 years old, however it is not maintain properly as the furniture is very old, not comfortable for study and not clean well and the building is looks so old too which this is not fits your institute as it’s global institution.2- Arrangements for foreign students housing, transportation and food. Most foreigners students are looking for study quality and facilities of the institution as well.More than I have nothing to say except the institute is perfect and I enjoyed the study and to stay in Cochin. Many thanks,Regards,Ahmed Al Abdali