Testimonial Category: Redhat Testimonial

Jobin A T

IPSR Solutions ltd. - Faculty

The best part of IPSR is their teaching efficiency. The teachers and staff are co-operative to clarify our doubts and very friendly toward as.I will get a good job after completinig RHCE

Akhil Joseph

IPSR is better place to learn new technology .It was a great expirence studying in this institution . The teachers are ready to help and clarify the doubts at anytime .This is an expirenced platform to start our career

Dijeeshkumar C

IPSR is great experince in my career. They will support on the time of training and off the time of training. They will support all my accaddemic doubts. Greate faculties provide to students. Thank you for placement assistance.

Sabna S

IPSR is the best place to learn redhat technology. Faculties are really good and technically very strong .They will make as understand from the basics and help us to think out of box. Realtime examples and case studies which they provide one really good.

Taj Roshith

I would like thank my knowledgefull faculty for assisting , clearing my doubts and paving way to aquire redhat certifications. IPSR admins have put extra effort in making exam are conducted in timely manners. Talking about ipsr , a well know authorised training partner of redhat have excellent aminities, personel who are able , Kowledgeful […]

Akshay R

I had a good experience in ipsr.good teaching and also good facilities

Tobin Michael

I have a good experience in ipsr.very good facilities,good teaching

Eldhose K S

When I made the decision to join IPSr for studying Linux . I did not realize I was making a choice that would change my life. My sincere thanks to all the faculty members and everyone in IPSR fro their support.

Tom Kurian

Support Sages -

We have always received fantastic good report from the teachers and staff of ipsr .Teaching quality is very good .

Arya Ajith

i had a good experience in IPSR. Good environmen and help to improve our technical knowledge.good teaching staffs.