Team Linux

The knowledge base of the trainer should be enough to clear the queries of the student. The primary reason for our success in Red Hat Linux Training and Certification program is our Linux Team; a perfect blend of people with Networking, Programming and Managerial Skills. The knowledge matrix of these people transcends the sphere of Linux Networking as they have multidisciplinary skills in Networking and Development.
All the team members are Red Hat Certified and can be claimed as one of the best Red Hat Training Team in Asia Pacific Region due to the large number of Red Hat pass outs every time from IPSR.

Red Hat Certified Trainers @ IPSR

  1. Dr. Sunil Job (RSCSA, RHCE, RHCSS*)
    Director – ipsr penguin planet
  2. Benila Mendus (RSCSA, RHCE)
    Director – Training & Corporate Services
  3. Ashkar Ali (RHCSA, RHCE, RHCSS, RHCA (RH 423, RH 429, RH 333, RH 413, RH 318, EX 210), CCNA, CCNA – Security, MCSE and MCITP).
    Sr.Consultant – Technical Services
  4. Sreeraj K (RHCSA, RHCE, CCNA, CCIE(Q))
    Sr. Consultant – Technical Services
  5. Sreenath S (RHCSA, RHCE, CL210, RHCSS*)
    Manager – Technical Services cum Team Lead- Networking
  6. Jolsna N (RHCSA, RHCE, CCNA*, MCTS*)
    Consultant -Technical Services
  7. Martin Raju (RHCSA,RHCE)
    Consultant – Technical Services
  8. Szen John Providence (RHCSA, RHCE,RHCA – Level 2, CL 210)
    Corporate Trainer cum System Administrator cum Team Lead- Linux Division
  9. Ashly K V (RHCSA, RHCE)
    Consultant – Technical Services
  10. Nimy Joy (RHCSA, RHCE)
    Consultant – Technical Services
  11. Manojkrishna K P (RHCSA, RHCE,CL210)
    Senior Consultant – Technical Services
  12. Vipin Kumar V (RHCSA, RHCE, CL 210)
    Team Lead – Technical Services
  13. Vince Varghese (RHCSA, RHCE,CL210)
    Consultant – Technical Services
  14. Nikhil S (RHCSA, RHCE,CL210)
    Consultant – Technical Services
  15. Mary Dereena K D (RHCSA, RHCE,CL210)
    Consultant – Technical Services
  16. Geo Joseph (MBA, RHCE, CCNA, MCSE)
    Consultant -Technical Services
  17. Anju Scaria (ME, RHCE)
    Junior Consultant -Technical Services
  18. Bibina B Y (RHCSA, RHCE)
    Consultant -Technical Services
  19. Reshma K Vijayan (RHCSA, RHCE, CL210)
    Corporate Trainer cum System Administrator
  20. Nived Velayudhan (RHCSA,RHCE, CL210)
    Corporate Trainer cum System Administrator
  21. Anas K K (RHCSA, RHCE)
    Junior System Administrator
  22. Shakeer K (RHCSA, RHCE)
    Junior Consultant -Technical Services
  23. Rajat Jaic Mendus (RHCSA, RHCE (RHEL 7), RHCSS, RHCVA, RHCA)
    Visiting Faculty
  24. Rohan Sunil (RHCSA, RHCE, RHCVA)
    Visiting Faculty