Renjumol P C, Dotnet Programmer, Selfware Info solutions, Trivandrum

IPSR – The best choice I’ve ever made in my life.

“I did my B Sc in chemistry, so I lacked a proper and concrete background in programming. So, while doing my MCA, it really had an impact on me! My project for MCA was a ready-made one. Thus my experience in the programming field remained limited with only a few custom programs. So, if I had a chance to rate my programming skills at that time, undoubtedly I’ll give zero. For me, the training I’ve got from IPSR really helped me a lot. It was more like providing us with tools and allowing us to pave our own path in the desired career; instead of spoon-feeding. Especially the IT finishing school programmes and the Communication Skills Development (CSD) assignments are far better. IPSR made me competent in the industry. This helped me to get placed at Selfware Info Solutions as Dot net programmer.”