Red Hat Certified Architect

Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) is the master level certification program with in-depth, hands-on training for Senior Linux System Administrators enabling them to design and deploy large and complex Linux based environments. RHCA courses can be pursued on a module basis.


A current RHCE is eligible to be certified as a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), upon successfully completing 5 expertise exams of the relevant specialisation.
In addition to the regular RHCA, Red Hat offers various RHCA tracks including Cloud, DataCenter, Application Platform & Application Development aiming those who intend to be specialists in certain fields.

  • RHCA: Cloud
  • RHCA: DataCenter
  • RHCA: Devops
  • RHCA: Application Platform
  • RHCA: Application Development


RHCA certification can be attained by successfully passing ANY five of the following courses



RHCSA Certification or equivalent knowledge and experience in Linux

Duration per module: 4 days (6 Hrs. /Day)



RHCA certification can be pursued on module basis i.e. each course can be taken separately and Red hat endorsement can be achieved for that particular course by taking the certification exam successfully for the same, making it convenient for senior administrators to choose their area of specialization without going through the entire course saving money and time. This compartmental system also provides the flexibility to attain RHCA in a phased manner thus reducing the risk of taking the advanced modules at one stretch.

Current RHCEs will obtain RHCA certification upon successfully passing ANY five expertise exams.

  • EX210 - Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack Exam
  • EX310 - Red Hat Certified Engineer in Red Hat OpenStack
  • EX236 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Storage Exam
  • EX248 - Red Hat Certified JBoss( RHCJA) Administration Exam
  • EX401 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Deployment and Systems Management Exam
  • EX318 - Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator Exam
  • EX436 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in High Availability Clustering Exam
  • EX413 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Server Hardening Exam
  • EX442 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Performance Tuning Exam
  • EX220 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Management exam
  • EX280 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Platform-as-a-Service exam
  • EX403 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Deployment and Systems Management exam
  • EX342 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting exam
  • EX405 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Configuration Management exam
  • EX407 - Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation


Date Course Location Batch No
01/05/2017JB248Kochi South10
05/05/2017RH413Kochi South27
10/05/2017RH318Kochi South79
15/05/2017CL210Kochi South46
19/05/2017CL310Kochi South7
Date Course Location Exam Code
28/04/2017CL210Kochi SouthEX210
10/05/2017RH318Kochi SouthEX318
10/05/2017RH413Kochi SouthEX413
15/05/2017RH236Kochi SouthEX236
29/05/2017CL310Kochi SouthEX310


Name Exam Code Certification Date
Alias C Ouseph EX210 CL210 04-Mar-2017
Jogi Mathew EX318 RHCVA 27-Feb-2017
Alias C Ouseph EX318 RHCVA 27-Feb-2017
Sijo Cyriac EX318 RHCVA 27-Feb-2017
Minto Joseph EX413 RH413 23-Feb-2017
Jochim John EX210 CL210 21-Feb-2017


No Placement Details Available