RH Cloud Certification

Red Hat Cloud Certification

Cloud Technology is really the future. In the present day enterprise world, Cloud solves real business problems for industries in diverse sectors. Cloud training and certifications are young, however, their value is growing exponentially in terms of knowledge acquisition. On the horizon, we can see strong cloud skills being proven as a fantastic trend for companies and IT Engineers; and IT prospects in the new job scenario as well.
In line with this, IPSR Solutions Ltd. an authorized Red Hat Training Partner since 2003, intends to accelerate the world's adoption and acceptance of cloud technologies - by providing in-depth cloud training and certification programs.


RHCA Cloud

Red Hat Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Storage curriculum refers to solutions for private clouds, hybrid clouds, and public clouds offered by Red Hat. Be an IT Manager, or an IT professional aiming to build cloud skills and expertise, or even an IT graduate who wish to exploit the approximately 1.7 million open job requisitions for cloud-related IT positions worldwide; it is time you take part in the Red Hat cloud performance-based certification program.



Date Course Location Batch No
25/02/2019DO407Kochi South57
01/03/2019DO407Kochi South58
04/03/2019DO280Kochi South26
18/03/2019DO407Kochi South58
25/03/2019DO280Kochi South27

No Exam Schedules Available


Name Exam Code Certification Date
Gineesh Madapparambath EX407 DO407 30-Nov-2018
Jobin A T EX407 DO407 15-Nov-2018
Avin Varghese EX407 DO407 14-Nov-2018
Nived Velayudhan EX280 DO280 29-Oct-2018
Shamsudheen M M EX407 DO407 17-Oct-2018
Nived Velayudhan EX405 DO405 09-Jul-2018


No Placement Details Available