Q3FY18 RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administration ) /
RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) / RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect )

Exam offers valid from 15th September 2017 to 30th November 2017

Standard Exam Fee for RHCSA/RHCE : INR 15,000/- plus GST.

Standard Exam Fee for a module of RHCA : INR 15,000/- plus GST.

“ Towards RHCA – Q3FY18 Scheme

Under this offer, Red Hat offers the candidate:

  • First Red Hat Exam: Rs. 15,000/- plus service tax;
  • Second Red Hat Exam: Rs. 14,000/- plus service tax;
  • Third Red Hat Exam: Rs. 13,000/- plus service tax;
  • Fourth Red Hat Exam: Rs. 12,000/- plus service tax;
  • Fifth Red Hat Exam: Rs. 11,000/- plus service tax;
  • Sixth Red Hat Exam: Rs. 10,000/- plus service tax;
  • Seventh Red Hat Exam(Onwards) : Rs. 9,000/- plus GST;
  • Second attempt or any reattempt exam fee will be Rs.5000/- +GST, if the first attempt taken between 1st Oct & 30th Nov
  • The Rs.1000/- discount is applicable to candidate for his next exam only if the candidate is cleared his previous exam.
  • Candidates who have already appeared for any Red Hat exam in previous quarter can enroll midway into the current quarter’s “Towards RHCA Q3FY18” scheme.


Bumper Scheme:

  • If a candidate is doing any two, 1st attempt exams under the period 15th Sep to 30th Nov , he/she will be eligible for retakes @ Rs.3,750/- plus GST.
  • If a candidate is doing any three,1st attempt exams under the period 15th Sep to 30th Nov , he/she will be eligible for retakes @ Rs.2,500/- plus GST


Enrollment Benefits:

  •  If a candidate is doing two or more 1st attempt exams under the period 15th Sep to 30th Nov , he/she will be eligible for a Red Hat branded Back Pack


RedHat Certified Architect Benefits

  • Get Red Hat branded red Hat Certified Architect swag on achievement of RHCA status.


Red Hat Exams – Terms and Conditions

  1. Candidates who have not undergone authorised training at RHCTP or ERHCTP can attempt any Red Hat certification exam at 200% of MSRP & are not eligible for any quarterly or annual scheme benefits.
  2. For any EX200 & EX300 exam to be delivered Red Hat requires minimum 8 first attempt (fresh) candidates. For any COE exam to be delivered Red Hat requires minimum 5 first attempt (fresh) candidates.
  3. The free Red Hat gift/s are offered under a no exchange or replacement policy. The Red Hat gift/s are dispatched to the exam centre only after all first attempt exams under the scheme are completed.


Mandatory Documents To Register & Attempt Examination:

  1. Documentation to be provided by the candidate for attempting Red Hat Exam (except EX401, EX436 & EX442) – Discount Voucher Book Forms OR Red Hat issued Course Completion Certificate.
  2. For the candidate, it is mandatory to provide Govt. issued ID card such as Driving License, Passport, Voter ID card, etc., on the day of the exam, in original.
  3. Candidates already certified and who are upgrading, need to provide only the printed copy of Certificate instead of the corresponding book forms.
  4. It is mandatory for the candidate fill in Exam Admit Card completely with precise information.

For Further details, Please contact us on 9447169776, 9447294635