IPSR often conducts Webinars on varies topics. And sometimes it is done in association with Tech Giants such as Red Hat. We provide these webinars free of cost and you can enroll and attend these session from anywhere in the world.

Here is a list of recent webinars that has been scheduled:





20/07/2018 Red Hat in DataCenter Mojan K Iype Completed
25/05/2018 What is OpenStack and
how does it fit into the Cloud?
Vatsal Thakor Completed
16/02/2018 Accelerate your DevOps with
OpenShift Container Platform
Sreejith Anujan Completed
13/12/2017 Transforming Application
Delivery with Containers
Gulshan Prasad Completed
11/12/2017 Emerging IT Job trends;
How to grab them
Mojan K Iype Completed
07/11/2017 DevOps Amel Mathai Completed
30/10/2017 Red Hat on Cloud and
Mojan K Iype Completed