JB450 – Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization Development

Red Hat® JBoss® Data Virtualization Development teaches database developers and administrators how to model data sources and virtual entities such as tables, views, and procedures. Through hands-on labs, students will learn how to deploy these virtual entities for JDBC and web service consumption.


Course content summary

  • Modeling data sources
  • Modeling a virtual base layer
  • Creating virtual databases (VDB)
  • Modeling unions, joins, and virtual procedures
  • Modeling and deploying web services
  • Server administration
  • Developing client applications


Audience for this course

  • Database administrators
  • Database developers


Prerequisites for this course

  • Fluency in Relational Database Concepts and SQL
  • Experience in programming with the JDBC API is helpful
  • JBoss Developer Studio or Eclipse experience is helpful but not required

Duration: 3 days (6 Hrs. /Day)


The Red Hat Certified Specialist in Data Virtualization exam (EX450) tests candidates' skills and knowledge in the use of Red Hat® JBoss® Data Virtualization to integrate multiple data sources.

A Red Hat Certified Specialist in Data Virtualization is able to perform the following tasks:

  • Start, stop and manage deployments on the JBoss Data Virtualization runtime
  • Model and create federated views from divergent data sources including flat files and relational databases
  • Transform data from divergent data sources to create new, business ready data views
  • Create virtual procedures to provide customized and/or optimized data views
  • Use effective techniques to improve the performance of federated data views
  • Expose federated data as RESTFul services


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