Digital Marketing Course Training & Certification with Internship


About Digital Marketing Course:

During the period of this course, the students will be working closely with the Digital Marketing Team of IPSR. Mode of training will include orientation and guidance followed by self-training based on suggested resources and activities. The entire course will be task-based and the students will be required to complete tasks in a time-bound manner.

Digital Marketing Courses


  1. Digital Marketing Certification course with Internship (Duration: 3 - 6 months)


  • Hybrid mode training delivery (Classroom + Online)
  • The full course along with internship: Photoshop basics, SMM, SEO, PPC, How to make money through Social media, Google analytics, Google certification
  • Opportunity to get stipend during the internship for eligible candidates
  • Experience certificate from IPSR
  • Preferred audience: B.Tech CS, IT, BCA, MCA, MBA (those who wish to make Digital marketing as a profession)

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  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM) (Duration: 30 days)


  • Hybrid mode training delivery (Classroom + Online)
  • Basic course: Photoshop basics, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, email, blogging, How to make money through Social media
  • A course certificate from IPSR
  • Preferred audience: Any degree or Diploma, Working professionals, Freelancers, Housewives, businessmen (those who are interested to learn SMM)


  1. Digital Marketing Training & Consultancy: (Duration: 6 months)


  • Hybrid mode training delivery (Classroom + Online)
  • Preferred audience: Businessmen, Housewives (those who want to implement digital marketing activities in their business promotion)
  • Customized course according to participant’s requirement and business profile. (How to optimize their business promotion through digital marketing)
  • Practical guidance and support in Digital Marketing for their business promotion


Training Specialties:


  • Training led by live industry experts
  • Classroom + Online training
  • In-depth subjects with live case studies and projects
  • Sample interview questions
  • Regular assignment tasks
  • Stipends for eligible candidates
  • Course completion certificate
  • Placement support
The selected students(s) will work on following during the course period:
  • Making social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. as per given directions and content provided.
  • Regular research on identifying effective ways of social media marketing and email marketing, by reading top blogs and following some YouTube channels.
  • Posting answers on Quora website and similar forums based on information shared.
  • Learning new techniques of digital marketing and implementing the same on-the-job.
  • Helping with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • Listing products for offline businesses on different online portals and increasing their sales.


Course Lead by:

Mr. Shiju Alex, Sr. Manager - Web Based Services, IPSR Solutions Ltd is an MBA holder with 16+ years of experience. Apart from managing and coordinating teams and projects, he is also a System Analyst and Organic Web Strategist. His passions include listening to business problems and suggesting solutions, marketing on the web, content management systems, Digital Marketing, reading etc. Also, an expert in domaining, hosting and web mastering, Mr. Shiju Alex enjoys interacting with customers and providing support. He has worked with over 1000 SMB clients and has been in association with IPSR since 2001.

Ms. Archana U, SEO Engineer, IPSR Solutions Ltd a native of Calicut, Kerala is a B.Tech holder with 8+ years of experience. She has done certification courses on Digital Marketing from Shaw Academy. Associated with IPSR since 2013. She is a Certified Google AdWords and Google Analytics Specialist who is a passionate digital marketing professional having Online Marketing Professional experience handling brand development and website traffic growth. Her background in tech and marketing enables her to bring unique solutions for the customers. She is a person with excellent positive attitude and energy and is also an active member of the digital marketing team of IPSR.

Mr. Jabsheed P, SEO Engineer, IPSR Solutions Ltd Is an M.Sc. holder in Computer Science and a competent professional over 4 years’ experience in the SEO/Digital marketing industry as SEO engineer, associated with IPSR since 2015. He is a Certified Google AdWords Specialist who is a passionate SEO/Digital Marketing professional handling optimization for various websites, digital marketing strategies for various clients. He has got excellent presentation skills and has conducted various seminar sessions in UL Cyber Park for IPSR students.

Mr. Vidyesh S, Executive - Digital Marketing, IPSR Solutions Ltd is an MBA Graduate who has a keen interest in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. He has done courses on Digital Marketing from the University of Illinois and Social Media Marketing from Northwestern University and is also a Certified Google AdWords Specialist and a Certified Google Analytics Expert . His passions include Reading, Digital Arts and E-Sports.