“I am a Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator in Red Hat Open Stack” – Say it aloud!

Information Technology Professionals world wide are getting certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. I am one, says everyone. Mr. Richard Lovelace,, Mr. Nabarun Mazumdar, Mr. Ravi D.L., Mr. Taha Ali, Mr. Jorge Serrano, Mr. Ken Holden and Mr. Martin Ten Heuvel, are only a few who appear up in the video available at […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL7) – A Cup of Hot Tea – Beckons All Linux Users.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a beautiful venture of Red Hat and a commercially supported derivative of Fedora. Red Hat freely provides its source code and works on desktops/servers/hypervisors/cloud now. RHEL7, the latest version was officially released in June 2014, and that was after a long and anticipated wait in the Linux community. The wait […]

2014 – The best of years for Open-source, Linux and Red Hat – Reflections of a Linux Enthusiast

Hello netlanders, Due to a project I’m working on (in minix), I’m interested in the posix standard definition. Could somebody please point me to a (preferably) machine-readable format of the latest posix rules? Ftp-sites would be nice.   The project was obviously Linux, so by July 3rd I had started to think about actual user-level […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)7.1 knocks with a public Beta!

One step up for Red Hat‘s frontrunner RHEL7 Platform – RHEL 7.1 Beta. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the most significant Enterprise Linux distribution, releases the Beta availability for the upcoming 7.1 version.The Beta of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1, delivers a number of enhancements and improvements to the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform, with a […]

Enterprise Linux Growing Rapidly at the Expense of Windows – Linux Jobs on a High!

Today, I am writing something we all definitely need to put our thoughts on. According to a recent survey report from The Linux Foundation, Linux operating system is leading Windows on both the cloud and in enterprise application deployments. The Linux Foundation discovers that the Enterprise Linux is booming at the expense of Windows. Interestingly, […]

New Linux OS with Google’s Material Design in the Making!

Pointing out that Google’s new material design approach has turned out to be a grand success. Quite honestly, if we are to look at the design concept implemented in the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. Promising a raft of new changes, massive number of new API’s, we have to admit that the Lollipop is going beyond […]

Desktop Application Development For Linux is Not Dead – The Linux Twitter App Corebird Impresses with Latest Release

Corebird is one of the few remaining desktop twitter apps still in active development for Linux, making its latest release special and much looked up at. Improved spacing, smaller icons and better use of dialogs and in-app-widgets makes Corebird 0.9 impressive in its latest release. The four key improvements in Corebird 0.9 is amazing. The […]

Ali Nadheer from Bahrain in for RH124 Bootcamp – Ali, You are Welcome!

Mr. Ali Nadheer from the Kingdom of Bahrain, is in with us this week for undergoing the RH124 (Red Hat System Administration – 1) training. Ali, who holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science now works with a leading bank in Bahrain, as a Systems Operator. He will enjoy features that are designed under the […]

Your Search For The Best Red Hat Training Partner Ends Here!

The Red Hat Global Learning Services Training Partner Awards 2013-14 were unveiled during the second week of October. The Awards are designed to recognize exemplary training partners who manifests best-in-class business practices, demonstrates distinguished commitment to high-quality training, thus serving as a model to the Industry. Of all the awards presented at the Red Hat […]

ipsr bags The Best Red Hat Training Partner – India and Overseas & The Best Red Hat Training Partner – Beyond RHCE 2013-14

Kovalam, Kerala – Minutes after announcement of the Red Hat Training Partner Yearly Awards 2013-2014, we are right here again to share with all our readers, News. Well, this time the News is so extra special, because we had been striving hard each year that passes by, not to mention the 15 years of our […]