Linux Platforms truly unbeatable!!..??

Posted on December 17, 2016

A new era has ushered in the history of computers and networking as the Linus Torvald on 1992 released a UNIX like operating system LINUX as the first complete free software operating system.A new era has ushered in the history of computers and networking as the Linus Torvald on 1992 released a UNIX like operating […]

“Open Door” workshop – opens the door of Cloud Technology

Posted on February 19, 2016

Lush green Hills and misty cool breeze laden with fragrance of cardamom have made Kuttikanam a natural haven. Marian College the queen of Kuttikanam have powered the serene abode of natural living to an hub of advanced learning and a potential platform crisscrossed with a multifarious programs of social outreach and students development. Recently, the […]

Strength of togetherness: IPSR CISCO Team cheering the big win of Red Hat international awards

Posted on November 18, 2014

Awards and recognition is never an accident, it is the outcome of hard work, perseverance and above all love for what you are doing. For IPSR what counts is not just the twofold international award – “the No. 1 training partner in India and overseas or for the excellent performance in higher end certification beyond […]

My Two Minutes with Mike, an RHCVA

Posted on September 1, 2013

It was two months back; I met with Mr. Michael Joel Parin, Australian national who works in Prague. After having been in close conversation with us since the beginning of 2013, he reached Kerala, India for training requirements. During his time with us, he underwent training and certification in Cisco Networking – CCNA, Red Hat […]

Synergizing the Linux Training Program at its Best

Posted on July 4, 2013

The vital force behind visitors coming to India is the benign service granted at its best. Like a vibgyor which looks divine when all the colours are merged, the group learning among people from different parts of the world is at sanctity when it’s blended with all the features of perfectionism that is; trainers, facilities […]

Linux: a stuff of collaboration and master of perfection

Posted on July 4, 2013

Despite, many ridicule and challenge in the inception, the collaborative stuff Linux has set fire to an explosive revolution in IT. Today Linux is dominating the most potential techno powered zones like mobile devices, web infrastructure, data centres, supercomputing, cloud computing and many more. The penetration of linux to a common man’s life space is […]

Determination Triumph Excuses

Posted on June 24, 2013

  Alluring Win at IPSR   IPSR had a great news to share with on the first of June 2013. Seven RHCVA s at one shot! The 59th to 65th RHCVAs were produced at the same time in the IPSR Global Campus, of which five are foreign nationals. The worlds youngest RHCVA, Bobby Issac also belonged to this batch. The batch […]

Exploring good times in India

Posted on June 22, 2013

Mr.Michael Joel Parin or Mike Parin, the great explorer of good times rejoice every moment of his expedition by learning each aspect of the places he visit. This time Mr. Mike has arrived in Kerala, India to get trained in RHCDS and CCNA. He came to know about IPSR, through his colleague and found the place to be the […]