IPSR : Lit in the light of Seven Red Hat International Awards 2014 – 15

This time it’s at Jodhpur, more popularly known as the Sun City in the Thar Desert at the north western Indian state of Rajasthan, where Red Hat International award night 2014 – 15 held. The scenic and mesmerizing view of the location and the splendor of royal cenotaph have added a rich ambiance to the […]

Strength of togetherness: IPSR CISCO Team cheering the big win of Red Hat international awards

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Awards and recognition is never an accident, it is the outcome of hard work, perseverance and above all love for what you are doing. For IPSR what counts is not just the twofold international award – “the No. 1 training partner in India and overseas or for the excellent performance in higher end certification beyond […]

A Triumph beyond boundaries

The history of Ipsr is a history of accelerated positive growth and service labeled with loyalty, credibility and international awards. Ipsr solutions‘ 15 Years of Existence, 12 Years of Strong and continued Association with Red Hat GLS, 14 International Awards bears testimony to the above facts. Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO and MD, IPSR Solutions receiving […]