Month: November 2018

November 03: History Repeats Again!

IPSR Solutions Ltd has been a consistently innovative and inspiring figure in the growth of the IT field of Kerala. On November 3, 2003, IPSR created history when we conducted the first RHCE global certification exam in Kerala. This was 15 years ago when the Open source was merely a concept to many. We bagged […]

Why Python for Networking Engineers?

There is a reason Python is still one of the popular programming languages even after all this time since its creation. This general purpose programming language is now used in various fields and applications more than ever. It is the number one programming language in the 2017 IEEE Spectrum. It was also shown by Stack […]

Red Hat Acquisition by IBM: A Real Game Changer

The year 2018 is almost over and we have seen some major company mergers and acquisitions over this time period. Some of these mergers or acquisitions surely raised eyebrows while others were sure to happen. The recently announced deal by IBM to acquire Red Hat is making all the buzz at the moment. The widely […]

OpenStack in the Clouds

Open source culture has now become the backbone for many projects in the industry. With the number of open source users increasing which includes multinational companies, even government organizations we can be sure that getting a free software, or the price is not just the factor people are considering. ┬áThere are many companies that contribute […]