Month: October 2018

Amazon EC2 T3 instances

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon, is a cloud computing service provider which offers its services to organizations and individuals on a payment basis. One of the biggest game changers in the IT industry, AWS was the top paying certification according to a 2016 article in Forbes. While multinational companies and firms like […]

Python in Machine Learning

The advancement in technology has grown immensely over the past few years. The impact of modern technologies in our daily lives can show us it’s significance. What once was just a part of sci-fi films or books is now becoming a part of our reality. The modern science and technology are influencing our routines considerably […]

Machines to Dominate Man by 2025

Artificial Intelligence and Automation are creating a revolution in the industrial and business frontiers of this new age. Machines seem to surpass human in most of the job areas.  According to the reports of (World Economic Forum – WFC) it was studied that global companies are moving towards automation to slash down their full-time workforce. […]