Month: October 2016

A model of selected HR interview questions

To Tide over the challenges of a job interview one needs a thorough preparation both technically and mentally. For topping the selection list of HR round you require a clear perception on the priorities of the company and an ability of sharp intelligent response to the employer’s questions. It may not be possible to design a […]

Failure is never the end of dreams : Ignite career with passion

“When one is driven with passion, nothing can stop him from succeeding”. The life sketch of many college dropouts who turned out to be the most successful entrepreneurs bears testimony for this statement. Formal Degree and diploma is positively one of the most significant leverage for a successful career. In an IT space several well-known personalities […]

DevOps: creating endless opportunities

DevOps (Development and Operation) is evolving as one of the fastest growing movement in IT. This relationship between two domains is quite agile and is creating an immense opportunity in the emerging industrial scenario and owes a terrific growth potential. It is studied that by the end of 2016, DevOps will evolve as the conventional […]

Weaving the magic of success: Batch CL210 is on @ Ipsr International Centre

Despite, the festival moods that swept over the lands and hearts of the people of Kerala colouring  the auspicious celebration of Onam, the month of September for Ipsr International Centre at Kochi was merged with colours of both festival and success in Red Hat Certificate of Expertise Examinations. The schedules of Red Hat Higher Certification […]