Month: April 2016

Latest Interview questions for Sys admins – 1

What the candidate is passionate about? 1. How do you stay up to date in the field? Obviously, a person with true passion spends outside office hours building their knowledge by going for latest certification and adopting multifarious means for mastering technologies. 2. How do you connect with others in your profession? A person with […]

Towards a successful Job Interview for Sys admins

TOWARDS A SUCCESSFUL JOB INTERVIEW How could one be successful in an interview? This would be one of the most lingering question to any job seekers who is heading towards a job interview. Sometimes, we attempt to logically arrive at few conclusions or rather get guided by few propositions of the whims and fancies of […]

Linux the omnipresent technology

When Linux looks beyond the space and domain and dwells everywhere and is available at any time, there is no room for an uncertainty of choice rather to overwhelm on the right decision made.