Month: September 2015

Microsoft office 2016 with a new cloud based editor to create and collaborate a document from distance.

Technology giant Microsoft – the world’s favorite and most common name in multinational technology with a global acceptance of its products has released the latest version Microsoft office 2016 which offers one of the most sought functionality of taking work out of working together. Reports show that the newly launched MS Office 2016 has integrated […]

Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise Administration (CL280) goes live at IPSR Kochi

Kochi, September 17, 2015 – At ipsr solutions ltd., we strive to offer training on Red Hat‘s most recent product releases. Each month we release new courses to make sure our training portfolio is current. Following the announcement of Gluster3.0(RH236) training last week, we are today glad to release our first Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise […]

Welcome Gluster Storage 3.0! – We also welcome Mohamed Maraghy from Egypt, Artemii Kropachev from Russia on board.

September 13 2015 – We welcome our first training batch of RH236 since the version change. The new version of delivery is – Gluster Storage 3.0 Administration. . The batch features 3 of our privileged associations. Mr. Mohamed Maraghy from Egypt, is with us; marking his third visit to ipsr solutions ltd. Mr. Maraghy is […]