Month: September 2014

ipsr Unveils RHCE Training on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL7)

Congratulations to Red Hat Inc. for RHEL7. Good Job guys! That is one hell of an Operating System! Ever since the beginning of this year, we as a Red Hat Certified Training Partner, had been answering a several lot of questions related to RHEL7 release dates, the changes, what would be next with certification tracks […]

RHCE and Red Hat Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management Achieved

It is a warm and joyful moment for all of us at ipsr solutions ltd., when we see Mr. Marc Landman, from Amsterdam, The Netherlands leave us today with something to hold high with pride. A couple of certifications is what he possess when he boards a flight back to The Netherlands. Definitely not a […]

IPSR unleashes “40% Off on RHCA Training” offer to celebrate the 15th Year of Excellence

15 Years in this Industry, 15 Years of Contributions, 15 Years of Absolute Excellence – is our reason to celebrate! We are inviting all those out there, who wish to see a fancy little “RHCA” title to their names, however to have a huge reflection – to come and be part of the celebrations. What […]

Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) on CLOUD is here finally!

As anticipated, the RHCA on Cloud comes out with fantabulous pricing, double attempts on examinations, and some trendy gifts. This is so good of a news for those plenty of Cloud aspirants whom we have come across over the last, may be an year or so! Well, ever since Red Hat announced the availability of […]