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Syam Prakash P - RHCE
College of Engineering , Adoor
@WebCastle Media Pvt Ltd

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Arjun V S- RHCE @ Urolime Technologies pvt ltd, KINFRA

Vysakh V- RHCE @ HashRoot Technologies Pvt Ltd,Infopark

Date Course Location Batch No
30/10/2018 RH413 Kochi South 44
07/11/2018 DO407 Kochi South 53
29/10/2018 RHCE Kottayam 1591
24/10/2018 CCNA Kottayam 770
24/10/2018 RHCE Kochi North 1590
07/11/2018 RHCE Kochi South 1581
Date Course Location Exam Code
29/10/2018 RHCE Kochi South EX200,EX300
30/10/2018 RHCE Trivandrum EX200,EX300
31/10/2018 RHCE Kottayam EX200,EX300

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Python in Machine Learning
The advancement in technology has grown immensely over the past few years. The impact of modern technologies in our daily lives can show us it's significance. What once was just a part of sci-fi films or books is now becoming a part of our reality. The modern science and technology