Placement of the day

Angel Thomas - .NET [ITFS]
Deva Matha Arts and Science College
@Hexeam Solutions

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Jijin Michael- RHCE @ ServerHealers Technologies

Abilash S.B- PHP @ Twinsway Technology Pvt Ltd (Technopark)

Date Course Location Batch No
19/03/2018 DO407 Kochi South 37
26/03/2018 RH413 Kochi South 30
02/04/2018 CL210 Kochi South 64
11/04/2018 CL310 Kochi South 59
18/04/2018 CL210 Trivandrum 65
09/04/2018 RHCE Trivandrum 1512
Date Course Location Exam Code
21/03/2018 RHCE Kochi South EX200,EX300
22/03/2018 RHCE Kottayam EX200,EX300
23/03/2018 RHCE Kuttikkanam EX200,EX300
26/03/2018 RHCE Calicut EX200,EX300
27/03/2018 RHCE Trivandrum EX200,EX300

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Understand how to accelerate DevOps with Red Hat OpenShift Containers
Previous Perception The focus of DevOps discussions usually were on breaking down the wall between developers and operations. The thought was always that if developers didn’t just toss their new applications over to operations and run away, the world of IT would be a better place. That was how operations