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Sreedevi Vijayan - .NET
College of Engineering, Kidangoor
@Logit Technologies

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Joslin Mathew- .Net @ LetMeDoIt Technologies ,Kalamassery

Aleesha Jacob- .Net @ StratAgile Private Limited

Date Course Location Batch No
08/04/2019 AWS Trivandrum 8
25/03/2019 DO280 Kochi 27
27/03/2019 RHCE Kochi 1349
01/04/2019 RHCE Kochi 845
01/04/2019 RHCE Trivandrum 1351
17/04/2019 RHCE Kochi 1352
Date Course Location Exam Code
28/03/2019 RHCE Calicut EX200,EX300
29/03/2019 RHCE Kottayam EX200,EX300

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