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Joji Xavier - .NET [ITFS]
@Orbit IT Solutions

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Manikandan K P- RHCE @ ActiveLobby Information systems Pvt Ltd.

Akshay M K- RHCE @ Poornam Info Vision

Date Course Location Batch No
29/01/2018 JB248 Kochi South 11
05/02/2018 CCNA Kottayam 705
24/01/2018 RHCE Kochi North 1501
24/01/2018 RHCE Calicut 1502
29/01/2018 RHCE Kottayam 1503
07/02/2018 RHCE Kochi North 1504
Date Course Location Exam Code
23/01/2018 RHCE Calicut EX200,EX300
25/01/2018 RHCE Kochi South EX200,EX300
30/01/2018 RHCE Kottayam EX200,EX300
31/01/2018 RHCE Trivandrum EX200,EX300
05/02/2018 RHCE Calicut EX200,EX300
08/02/2018 RHCE Kottayam EX200,EX300

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Hottest Linux certification for 2018
It is often said that “the best view comes after the hardest climb”. The IT industries as such were in terrific trials to explore the best. This scenario has set the things to a model of convergence; the trials for the best in the IT industry seem to converge to