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Sajoosh K - .NET [ITFS]
College of Applied Science IHRD
@Syntrio Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Helena Bibi- PHP @ Syntrio Technologies Pvt Ltd

Sooraj V Nair- PHP @ Syntrio Technologies Pvt Ltd

Date Course Location Batch No
18/12/2017 DO180 Colombo 7
09/10/2017 CEPH125 Virtual Training 2
13/10/2017 JB435 Mumbai 2
11/12/2017 CEPH125 Bangalore 3
12/01/2018 JB435 Delhi 3
29/01/2018 CEPH125 Virtual Training 4
Date Course Location Exam Code
29/06/2017 RHCE Kochi South EX200,EX300
30/06/2017 RHCE Trivandrum EX200,EX300
01/07/2017 RHCE Trivandrum EX300
03/07/2017 RHCSA Kochi South EX200
12/07/2017 RHCE Kottayam EX200,EX300
13/07/2017 RHCE Kuttikkanam EX300

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Reskill and remain insulated from layoff
The mass layoffs of employees from IT sector have panicky hit the headlines of global media recently.  This concern has turned out to be a burning issue in both IT and IT enabled sectors. The Head hunter India has disclosed in its recent reports that Indian IT sector will witness