Success Stories

Success Stories

Ms. Shamna AR, IPSR IT Finishing School RHCE student, is a B. Tech - EC 2014 passed out from College of Engineering, Perumon. Even though she is from a non-IT stream and having 2 years career gap, she got placed in an MNC, Allianz Cornhill, Technopark. We consider this as her great achievement.

"I am very grateful to IPSR Solutions for providing me such a great platform to not only enhance my skills but also helped me to get a dream job. I am placed in one of the top MNC's in the world and I am certainly thankful to the training and placement department of IPSR Solutions for they have really worked with not just me but all the students in preparing them for the recruitment process."

Ms. Upavi E Vijay, IPSR IT Finishing School .NET student, is a Btech Computer Science 2015 passed out student from Holy Grace Academy of Engineering, Mala. Having 1 year gap, she was able to get placed in an MNC, Allianz Cornhill, Technopark. The continuous effort and dedication from her part as well as IPSR trainers made her confident enough to achieve her dream job.

Let€™s listen to Upavi™s words,

As a student of IPSR, "I would like to tell that, IPSR solutions has got enormous resources, good guidance and inspirations. What I learn from my experience is that, it is the student's responsibility to acquire and utilise the best from IPSR. Whenever I asked doubts or about any new technology they never hesitate to tell me, if they do not know they will definitely search and find the solution. In my point of view any student in IPSR can succeed in their goal if they have hope & willingness to hard work, faith, patience and good attitude. I thank each and every one who have supported me to achieve my goal€."

Ms. Athira Madhu, IPSR IT Finishing School Java student, is a 2015 B Tech Computer Science passed out student from College of Engineering, Adoor. Even though she is having 1 year career gap, she got placed in Xerox, a Multinational Company as Associate Business Analyst recently.

Listen to what Athira says, "I would like to convey my sincere thanks to ipsr solutions ltd. ! Here I have joined for 4 months JAVA IT Finishing School training. The training in both technical and soft skills I received from IPSR is a great asset. The Communication Skill Development training at IPSR has improved my communication skills and also helped me to attend interviews confidently. The faculties of ipsr gave all the possible support. Recently i got placed as Associate Business Analyst in an MNC company. Thanks IPSR team. "

Reena Luiz, IPSR IT Finishing School (.Net) student is a 2006 passed out B.Tech in Architecture and Green Card holder of USA. Being a non IT graduate with 10 years of career gap it was a big challenge for her to switch to IT field. Trainers of IPSR have supported her with proper guidance. She used to contact Mr. Dileep G, Senior Manager - IPSR from US, who helped her a lot in preparing resume in US format and in other technical related things. With the remote support from IPSR Team and sincere effort of Reena, she got placed as an IT Specialist in US Government Agency.

Let'€™s listen to Reena'€™s words,

"I came to know about IPSR from my neighbor who is in IT field. I came from a non-IT background. My goal was to grab an IT job when I go back to US after my vacation in India. From my experience I would say €œIPSR is one of the best IT Finishing Schools with great curriculum and excellent faculties€. Starting with my tutor, Nija Miss who helped me a lot to develop my programming skills. Dileep Sir's training classes on MVC and his guidance during the ASP.Net MVC project were excellent. He is a great asset to the team with his years of development experience. IPSR has got a great curriculum to support each of their ITFS students with equal importance in developing both technical and communication skills.The support I got from IPSR team helped me to build confidence and knowledge. I was able to get into a job in US in a government agency (Transportation). Thanks IPSR and my best wishes to the IPSR team."

Ms. Shilvy Susan Samuel .Net ITFS student of IPSR, is a 2015 passed out B.Tech student in Computer Science from Musaliar College of Engineering & Technology. After the Inspiring Speech by our CEO, she changed the technology training from .NET to RHCE - a networking course in Linux. Even though she is having 1 year career gap, through the effective technical and soft skills training along with her hard work and dedication has helped her get placed in Allianz Cornhill, a leading MNC.

Let's listen to her words,

"After my B.Tech, I had joined IPSR for .Net course. A week after the classes started, one day Dr. Mendus Jacob made an inspiring speech which made me to think Why can't I go beyond my limits? That thought and my self confidence made me to choose the RHCE course. Through the effective technical and soft skills training at IPSR, I became more confident to break the walls that stopped me to achieve my dream job at an MNC. I am an RHCE now as well as going to be a part of Allianz Cornhill company as Associate Analyst. I have achieved this only because of the great personality development sessions, CSD sessions and the technical sessions provided at IPSR. I am really Happy and Lucky to say that I am a part of this family. I take this opportunity to thank all my trainers and CSD team at IPSR. Wish you all a good luck. Once again THANK YOU IPSR :)"

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