Red Hat Certified Engineer

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) known as “crown jewel of Linux certifications” proves the eligibility of candidates on live systems. RHCE certification proves your ability to configure networking services and security on servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. RHCE is a mid-level certification for administrators who support Linux as a primary server platform in their environment.  

RHCE on RHEL7 Consists of Three Modules:

RH124 - Red Hat System Administration I(SA I)

RH134 - Red Hat System Administration II (SA II)

RH254 - Red Hat System Administration III (SA III)

Regular Track

Course Duration:- 45 days (3 Hrs/day)

Fast Track

Course Duration:- 5-10 days (6 Hrs/day)

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This is the Gold Standard Certification program for molding strong Linux Administrators to implement and manage Linux networks in corporate. The skills are tested on a performance-based evaluation and certification directly by Redhat.

In order to earn RHCE, one should  pass the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCSA) exam. One is eligible to take the RHCE exam without first having passed the RHCSA exam, but RHCE will not be issued until both credentials are earned by a candidate.

RHCEs certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7  are considered current for 3 years after the date on which the certification was earned. Current status can be extended by passing additional Red Hat exams.

There are 3 modules including RHCSA modules which has 2 exams.

  • EX200 - RHCSA Certification Exam
  • EX300 - RHCE Exam
Name Exam Code Certification/Certificate Date (dd-mm-yyyy)
Abishal P Mohan EX 300 RHCE 28-11-2016
Ajith Asok EX 300 RHCE 28-11-2016
Alikha Krishnan EX 300 RHCE 28-11-2016
Archana Ramanan EX 300 RHCE 28-11-2016
Godwin Udayakumar EX 300 RHCE 28-11-2016
Lal chand K EX 300 RHCE 28-11-2016
Swathi P.H EX 300 RHCE 28-11-2016
Name Company Designation Course Placed Month
Ginu P Saji NDimensionz Jr.Software Engineer RHCE Jan - 2017
Pavan Prasad NDimensions Junior Software Engineer RHCE Jan - 2017
Arun Raj R Ndimensions Technologies Inc Junior Software Engineer RHCE + CCNA Jan - 2017
Vishnu Krishnan Ndimensions Technologies Inc Junior Trainee RHCE Jan - 2017
Sajil P B Tech Brain, Kottayam C Panel Support Engineer RHCE, CCNA Jan - 2017
Akhil Jose ActiveLobby Information systems Pvt Ltd. Junior System Administrator RHCE ITFS Jan - 2017
Jyothish M J Flytxt Trainee Service Desk RHCE Jan - 2017

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